Natasha Rudenko

Natasha Rudenko was born in Moscow, graduated from International Business at the Higher School of Economics and started photographing shortly after that.

Rudenko studied photography at the British School of Art and Design in Moscow and then continued her studies in the US, where she graduated with an MFA in Photography from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in 2016. Natasha Rudenko currently lives and works in Los Angeles. In addition to being an artist she is also an educator currently teaching degree and certificate programs in her alma mater and certificate programs in the UCLA Extension.

Natasha Rudenko has exhibited her work in the US and internationally as part of various group shows including New York, Los Angeles, Athens, Tempe, Budapest. Her work was also in a number annual publications of feminist and queer art, including Issues II and Femme Fotale Volume III Analog and Femme Fotale Volume IV Leafless.

In her work Rudenko interprets her personal experience as a human being. She addresses self-reflection and investigates the realm of her feelings and emotions. Through being honest and personal she aims to make people relate to the ideas explored in her work and provoke their own self-reflection.